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At Qlar, we are a global manufacturer and service partner for material handling industries. We address your process challenges through the innovation of selected technologies and transform them to drive efficiencies for your business.

The industries we support include Cement, Mining, Metals, Chemicals and Plastic Performance materials. Our Online Shop, is home to many of our process critical key components, for trading customers.


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Weighing Sensors

One of the vital parameters to determine successful production is weight: weather it is the weight of raw materials, the sellable products or anywhere inbetween. Weighing throughout the process is crucial for efficiancy, quality and productivity.

Belt Scales

Schenck Process belt scales have accuracies as precise as +/- 0.25 percent.

The weight of the material transported is determined by weighing the belt load and measuring the belt speed.

Weighing Modules

These compact mounts are used in industrial scales, for example, as bearing units with an integrated bumper and lifting lock. They comprise the fixture for introducing loads, the load cells, the bumper or elastomer mount and the lifting lock.

Weighing Controllers

At each point of industrial processes, there resides potential for optimization. And in order to realize these potentials, all relevant parameters need to be controlled with the utmost accuracy, reliability, and flexibility. That’s where Schenck Process Controllers come into their own.